First One Down

My first infusion yesterday went very well, no problems at all. They gave me anti-nausea medications and benadryl before we started, so I got sleepy and slept through most of the day. It took a very long time, as there is first a blood draw and then a meeting with the nurse and then they do every drip slowly the first time as they wait to make sure there are no reactions.

I felt good enough after that we went to University Village and had dinner out! Today I feel tired, but I went to Target to do some shoping and then got my nails done at Julep, which was so much fun. Many thanks to my Aunt Sue and Uncle Gary for sending me a special treat. I’m also going this week for a massage at Gene Juarez courtesy of my mother, and back to Julep for a pedicure with a gift card from Jan and Duncan Campbell. I am spoiled rotten, and I am especially grateful that I feel good enough to go out and do these things.

I had my first hot flash today, that was fun. One of the drugs they are giving me causes instant menopause, plus the chemo can also put women into menopause. So if you ever get cold this winter, just come on over and put your hands on my face and it’ll warm you right up! I’m like a walking radiator. Even though their favorite fireplace is on, Penelope and Ella are pressed up against ME in the bed because I’m the hottest thing in the room 😉

A few hours out today was enough for me and now I’m going to relax. I’ve got a bit of a fever and some aches, which is totally normal. I know that the chemo is cumulative and it won’t stay this easy, but I am relieved to have the first week down and know the routine now, and that I didn’t have any major reactions.

Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday I posted some of our holiday photos on my Albums page.

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