Chemo is Like Having a Toddler Bugging You

The side effects I’m having from chemo aren’t that bad, but today I was one of the not-so-great days. The steroids they give during treatment kept me up all night, I finally fell asleep after 5am. My alarm was supposed to go off at 6am so I could go to some workshops they are doing this week at work. Well, I let myself sleep until almost 9am and went late to the workshops. I should have just stayed home, I only made it a couple of hours before I had to go home. But I had been looking forward to the workshops and being back at the office and seeing my collegues. It was nice to see everyone, but after having a lovely hot flash and then thinking I was going to throw up in the conference room, I snuck out early and came home to spend the rest of the day in bed.

Chemo side effects sometimes throw tantrums and force me to drop my plans. Like having to leave the drugstore today even though my basket was full because I suddenly felt too sick to wait in the checkout line. And like a toddler, my nose runs constantly. And I’m pretty much bald. And I totally need naptime in the afternoons! And sometimes I’m up in the middle of the night wishing someone could put me back to sleep. Luckily, I’m an adult and get to have Valium if I want it!

The best part of yesterday was that after my treatment I took Penelope to the groomer for a bath and brush. HOORAY for a not-so-stinky dog in my bed! She knew she looked good and pranced around the house tossing her ears around like a Breck model. She is all soft and fluffy and cute. Love it!

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