Yes, Yes, I’m Still Here!

My friend Ginger tells me that I need to start posting on this blog more, otherwise she thinks something terrible has happened. Actually, a lot of good things have happened and I was just too busy to blog! Last week was my break from chemo and I was feeling pretty good. This is not an exhaustive list, but here are just a few of the fun things I’ve been doing:

+Went to my office holiday party and got to catch up with work friends and see their hot dance moves
+Got a pedicure at Julep in an awsome red-brown color
+Got a massage from Jade at Gene Juarez U-Village (she’s awesome, go see her!)
+Got a FREE reflexology massage at Gene Juarez
+Met with a nutritionist at SCCA and learned about all the stuff I shouldn’t eat
+Went to a Young Survivors Coalition support group and met more fabulous women who are kicking cancer’s ass
+Saw “The Young Victoria” on a weekday afternoon with my mom and Tara
+Hung out with my cousin Paula, who I hadn’t seen in years. Love reconnecting!
+Saw “Crazy Heart” with Jeff and loved it
+Got my carpets cleaned
+Had brunch with Jen and met her hubby Andy for the first time
+Had brunch with Kristen at Portage Bay Cafe and stuffed myself
+Had dinner with my PAWS girls and got caught up on their news
+Had brunch with Alex at Blue Star and saw pics of her new baby nephew
+Had lunch at PF Chang’s and ate a ton of crispy green beans!
+Bought a lot of new stuff for my house from Crate&Barrel, including a rug for the living room (and the adorable vases for my kitchen window seen in the photo above)
+Had totally awesome sweet potato fries at Pies&Pints, my fav neighborhood place
+Had breakfast with Ann-Marie and Becca, who I hadn’t seen in years. Met Becca’s son Levi (5) and Ann-Marie’s daughter Kara (4 months)
+Hit the Land’s End sale at Sears and bought a ton of new clothes and three pairs of shoes
+Probably gained a zillion pounds from all these meals out!

So as you can see, I’ve been a busy girl! But the best news is that I had my PET/CT scan yesterday and it shows that the treatment is attacking the cancer cells. There is evidence that we’re on the right track and headed in the right direction. Worst-case would have been cancer growth. Acceptable would have been no growth, but stable cancer mets. Best-case would have been some signs that the cancer mets are smaller. So, we are at best case! It’s not a dramatic shrinkage, but I’ve only been doing chemo for two months. And the drugs are working, so when I meet with my oncologist on Wednesday I expect she’ll tell me that we’re going to finish these next 4 months of chemo and then scan again to hopefully see even more progress.

I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with chemo now. As much as I hate it, I find myself thinking “Go, Chemo, Go!” and cheering it on in my head. Because this nasty little devil is doing its job, so I really should appreciate it more. So get out your pom-poms, kids, and let’s have a pep rally for chemo!

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