Long Break

The new port placement today went really well. Dr. Petty at the SCCA did a fantastic job and it all was easier than the first time, maybe because I knew what to expect. And I didn’t have an anxiety about chemo like I did the first time, since now I’m in the middle of it and know how it all works.

So it was a long day and it’s too bad that my parents had to sit around all day. I spent some of the time waiting, but a lot of it in la la land or dozing through chemo. Since this was the third week of chemo this cycle, next week I don’t have to go. Do you know what that means??? I do not have to go to the cancer center for TWO WEEKS!! 13 days, actually. Awesome.

I’m going to lunch with a friend this weekend and then maybe to a superbowl party. Some plans next week, but the biggest and the best plans are for spending President’s Day weekend at Ocean Shores with a big group of friends. We used to camp together and go on lots of weekend trips, but life has changed over the last five years or so. There have been marriages and babies and all that grown-up stuff. So it means the world to me that this group is making the effort to all get together to spend the weekend with me. I think there will be 10 adults, 2 babies, and 6 dogs. What fun! So I guess for the next week I’ll spend some time gathering up the games and snacks and movies that I’ll bring on our trip.

Penelope has never been to the ocean, so it will be fun to see her reaction. I’m sure there will be tons of photos!!!

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