Me and My Bald Head

So many people think that losing your hair would be so terrible. There are women undergoing chemo who do crazy things to try to hold on to every strand that they can. What I’ve found for myself is that it really doesn’t matter. Losing my hair is the least of my problems! There are lots of great things about it:
+I don’t have to spend time or money on haircuts and color
+I can shower in just a few minutes
+After showering, there’s never leftover soap in my hair
+I don’t have to spend any time styling my hair or buy styling products
+My hair is never in my face
+My bangs never grow too long and bug me
+Remember in “Sixteen Candles” when the girl gets her hair caught in the door? That will never happen to me
+I don’t have split ends
+I can finally see the dents in my head from when I fell out the window when I was 2 and cracked my skull

Many thanks to Mary Hart, who cleaned up my stubble yesterday!

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