Ocean Shores

We were lucky enough to get a sunny day during our weekend at Ocean Shores, but we weren’t exactly prepared for the super-high tide (note the cars are in the water behind us). Some people with a big truck and a tow strap saved the day, and now we’ll have a story to tell the kids. More photos here.

We had a great time and I was so glad to be feeling well enough to enjoy the new mango vodka I discovered. And waffles. And of course there was some Uno Attack and a short trip to the casino.

Unfortunately, I caught a bit of a cold. I think I’ll blame the babies, just because they are little germ monsters. It’s not a bad cold at all, but combined with chemo this week I’m feeling tired and run-down. I’m starting month 4 of chemo and am still tolerating it quite well. The worst part lately is the pain in my feet and toes. Luckily, my massage therapist is training on reflexology so I get to be her guinea pig next week and get my feet worked on for free! I am so spoiled.

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