Young Survivor’s Coalition Conference

The conference in Atlanta, GA, was really great. The photo is of me and Dena, one of the gals from my Seattle YSC support group. There were about 18 of us from Seattle there, and the total number of attendees was somewhere around 900. A few husbands/spouses, but the rest women with breast cancer either done with treatment or in active treatment.

The plastic leis were sorted by color– green for diagnosed in the last 1-5 years, orange for metastatic breast cancer girls. So you could look around and easily see those you had things in common with. I met wonderful people including Kim from Florida, Liz from Boston, and many others from all over the country. I also got to know some girls from my Seattle group a little better.

I’m so glad that I went, but it was exhausting and I was happy to get home and into my own bed to snuggle with Penelope. I flew to Atlanta the day after chemo and it was hard to keep up with everything there was to do at the conference. I ended up going to bed early both nights and missing some of the dancing and drinking, but that was okay.

Chemo today went fine but I am tired and ready for a little relaxation. I’m getting a massage tomorrow and then if the weather is good I might head to Whidbey for the weekend. Next week, it’s vacation time in Arizona!

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