My Thousand Dollar Baby

Poor Miss Penelope has not been feeling well. After lots of tests and time at the vet, it turns out that her kidneys are starting to shut down, she has a urinary tract infection, and she has an ear infection. She spent two days at the vet getting fluids by IV, and now I’ll be giving them to her under the skin. Along with all the medications, she has been an expensive little pup this week and I’ve told her that she really should think about getting a job. I don’t think she’s interested.

I’m heading to Arizona tomorrow to see my parents and Sue&Gary. I’m definitely ready for a vacation in the warmth where I can just laze around and read books by the pool.

I’ve finished four months of chemo now and the side effects are getting beyond annoying. The worst right now are the mouth sores, which makes it hurt just to talk. The sores are all on the sides of my tongue, which means my teeth constantly rub against them and I can hardly stand it. My eyelashes are starting to fall out, and my eyebrows seem to be thinning as well. The lower leg and foot pain hasn’t gotten any worse, but I do get tired easily. I slept all day Saturday and most of Sunday as well, I just really needed the rest.

So now I head towards the sunshine and will try to soak up all the Vitamin D my body can take! And perhaps a mojito or two if my mouth can take it. . .

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