Another Good Scan

My latest PET/CT scans show that the chemo is still working. There are still tumors though, so I need to keep going. We’re going to continue chemo through the end of May and then scan again. Hopefully that will be the end, but we’ll see. That means that right now I’m only 2/3 done. . . I’ve had 14 infusions and I have another 7 to go. Just gotta keep truckin’ along. It won’t surprise you to hear that my generous mother gives me a present EVERY Wednesday at chemo. I wonder if she will run out of ideas soon!

Today was the first day that I looked in the mirror and thought “I look like a cancer patient.” Even though my hair was gone, up until now I feel like I’ve looked pretty healthy. But having no eyelashes really makes a big difference. You’d think something so small wouldn’t be noticable, but it totally is and it gives a kind of “cancer patient” look. My skin is kind of an off-color and I get strange break-outs, which I hear is a side-effect of Herceptin. I’ve gained weight (we’ll blame that on the steroids and not my constant snacking and lack of exercise). I don’t look terrible or anything, I just look like someone with cancer.

There are some advantages of looking like a cancer patient. People smile at me more and workers at stores and restaurants tend to be extra nice to me. Panhandlers tend to not bother me– they didn’t ask me for money outside of Whole Foods today the way they usually do. I bet that I could talk my way out of a speeding ticket if I had to!

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