Komen Race for the Cure

Want to get a little exercise? Walk with lots of friends? Join our Komen Race for the Cure team! It should be a great day and we will hopefully be celebrating the end of chemo for me!

Want to support our team but can’t imagine getting up so early on a Sunday? Don’t worry, you can “Sleep in for the Cure.” For a $35 donation, they’ll send the T-shirt and bib number to your house so you can do the walk in your dreams!

Want to give more money? You can always donate even if you don’t want to join the team. Every little bit helps. So skip your $5 latte for a day and donate that money! Want to give a lot of money? A mammogram for a woman who otherwise can’t afford one is about $150. If you can’t donate that, get some friends to match your $25 donation and see how fast it all adds up!

2 thoughts on “Komen Race for the Cure”

  1. Hey lady! What day is the race? I am having a hard time finding it on the website.

    Great seeing you today!!!! 🙂

  2. the Komen website remains lousy year after year. Sheesh!

    The race is on Sunday, June 6, early in the morning (we’re usually home before noon). Most of the team walks the 5K, but there are a few folks who do the run. There are quite a few kids on our team, and slowpokes like me, so we tend to split up and then find each other by the stage after to get a group picture.

    It was great to see you today, thanks for getting a whole group together! I miss seeing everyone!

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