Tiffany Blue Toes

I love going to Julep for pedicures, and last week I got to go with Tara and her friend Debbie. We got our toes done, ate massive amounts of mexican food, and then did a little shopping. Fun girls day! I am digging the new “Miranda” color at Julep and it matches my sandals. Now, can you imagine a different background for this photo? Perhaps the beach and ocean in Hawaii? In the distance maybe a cabana boy arriving with a pina colada? This is what I dream about these days!

I have chemo tomorrow and then I get a week off. Go back for three more infusions and then we scan again– and hopefully I will be done with the chemo (fingers crossed). It’s been six months and I am so ready for a break! I’ll still be continuing treatment, but the worst of the side effects are from the Taxol and I won’t have to take that anymore. This week my whole mouth is burning burning burning. I pretty much always have a popsicle in my mouth, which is super healthy I’m sure.

Today is “pajama day” at my house. I stay in my pjs, watch movies and tv, snuggle with Penelope, and in general just do a whole lot of nothing. It’s nice to have a whole day where I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. You would think that I have those days all the time since I’m not working, but it seems like I always have something going on. So right now Penelope is snoring next to me on the bed and my TiVo is up and running agan, so I think it’s time for a little daytime TV (old Law&Order episodes FTW!) and perhaps a nap. I’ve got it rough, huh? 🙂

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