New Location

I decided to move my blog to a site where I could update from my ipad. Also, I’d heard that a lot of people had trouble posting comments on my old blog (I think maybe the folks using Internet Explorer?). Anyway, here I am trying out WordPress and realizing that I know far too little about HTML and stylesheets. Oh well.

I had a great week off of chemo and have been able to do some really fun stuff. Alex and I spent four days up on Whidbey Island and did a whole lot of nothing. Saturday we had a Mother’s Day lunch with the Reagans and the Szeligas– girls only. Last night I went to a Mariner’s game with Carey and got to be in a suite! And today for Mother’s Day I went to church with my parents and out for pancakes. Then I went up to Lake Stevens to visit my cousin Paula and see her four teeny tiny kittens, only about 3 weeks old. Oh my gosh were they adorable! Don’t worry Dad, I didn’t bring any of them home.

So everything is good and I’m ready to get back on a regular schedule. Three more weeks until my PET scan, when we find out if maybe I’ll be done with chemo. Finger’s crossed!

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