So, the final verdict from my oncologist is that the cancer is stable. Not much changed between the scan two months ago and the scan this week, so Taxol has probably done whatever it’s going to do. So we’re moving on to a different treatment plan and I get a break from chemo! HOORAY!

I started Femara today, which is an AI drug that will keep the cancer from being able to use estrogen to grow. I will continue on Herceptin, which targets a protein that my cancer cells use to grow. It attaches to the protein and inhibits the growth– and cancer that can’t grow tends to die. I will also continue Zometa, which is a drug that should help keep my bones strong as the mets heal over a bit. For these last two drugs, I need to go to SCCA once every three weeks for infusions.

Femara is an AI that is only for post-menopausal women. So, yesterday I had an injection of Falsodex to keep my ovaries shut down until I have have an oophorectomy. I’ll have a consult next month with a surgeon to get details about that procedure.

So I’ll be celebrating this weekend by going camping with Emma, Jeremy, little Oliver, Matthew, Danny, and Jeff. We are headed to Lake Sylvia to a campsite right on the lake. I’m really looking forward to a few days outside, relaxing and reading books and having campfires at night. Summer is coming!

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