Femara is not my friend

The website for Femara shoes a bunch of happy older women frolicking in swimsuits. In reality, Femara side effects do not encourage frolicking. It causes hot flashes, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, and nausea. These things are supposed to get better over time, but right now I feel like an old lady as I hobble around the house on aching feet and legs. Today I bought old-lady pajamas that are supposed to help you stay cool during hot flashes. I don’t see how that can work, but the PJs are cute!

I am getting very excited for our Hawaii trip. I’d rather be tired and aching in Hawaii than here at home. I just want to sit in the shade and have a cocktail and read my book. For days and days and days.

It looks like summer is finally here. By the time I get back to Seattle on July 7, I bet it will be perfect camping weather.

2 thoughts on “Femara is not my friend”

  1. Just think about basking in the warm sun on a beach with the waves in the
    background. The sun will take all your join pain away. You can beat your
    Dad at cribbage that is always fun!

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