Surgery tomorrow

I am super hungry right now, haven’t eaten since last night and won’t be able to until after surgery tomorrow. I’m having a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy tomorrow afternoon, which means they are going to remove both ovaries and fallopian tubes. Super fun times! My oncologist thinks it’s important to remove as much estrogen as possible, so this is part of the plan. I had been in chemically-induced menopause, so I won’t have to get those shots anymore. And there shouldn’t be any shock to my system in terms of hormone levels or anything, because my ovaries have effectively been shut down since last October.

The plan is for the surgery to be done with just a few tiny incisions and it should only take about an hour. Then I’ll get to go home and sleep in my own bed. I’m not at all anxious about the surgery, but I am going to be glad when it’s over. Another thing over and done with will be good.

I check in at 12:15, so probably will be in surgery around 1:30 or so, I would guess. Send some good thoughts my way tomorrow afternoon!

3 thoughts on “Surgery tomorrow”

  1. Karen I will be thinking of you tomorrow! I am glad to hear that you get to come home to your own comfy bed tomorrow night. Thank you for sharing your feelings on your blog. We are all here for you- when you are feeling up and more importantly when you are feeling down. Baby Milt is sending you a big hug!!

  2. Karen,

    You are in my thoughts and am sending positive energy your way. You’ll
    be home resting in no time at all. Penny will be right by your side.

    Love, Aunt Sue

  3. So I’m sending good thoughts your way Karen. It’s such a bummer what you are having to go through. Good luck on the operation and this special good thought I’ll voice right now via e-mail: I’m hope you will be up to a hamburger as soon as you awake.

    Mary Ann Underwood, friend of your parents

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