Another surgery down

The oophorectomy went fine and I was up and about by the weekend. Which was a good thing, because there was lots to do. First up was a party on Saturday to celebrate little Milt’s first birthday. Then on Sunday we had a pool party at the Farrell’s for Jay and Kari’s birthdays.

So I’m back on the Tykerb every day, and next week I’ll add the Xeloda. The Tykerb is not my favorite, it pretty much makes me feel like someone is scraping the inside of my lower intestines with razors. It also causes this weird skin thing like little pinpricks on my face. It’s really weird, they aren’t raised like pimples. It’s more like little individual pores start to bleed. So I have little red marks all over my face, they don’t itch or anything but they look strange.

The Xeloda causes Hand and Food Syndrome, so I’m researching on how to avoid that. I’m supposed to wear slippers around the house and loose shoes everywhere else. No rubbing the feet, which means no more reflexology for me. No immersing in water, so I guess my plan to take water aerobics classes is out. No long walks, no jogging, etc. Lotion all the time, covering hands and feet at night. This all sounds annoying and is limiting the kind of exercise I can do. I gained the average 15lbs on chemo and my metabolism is even slower now that lovely menopause has kicked in. . You’d think that chemo could at least make you skinny or something!

I’m heading up to Whidbey Island this weekend with Miranda and Amy. We’re going to hit the Island County Fair to see the horses and dogs and alpacas and all that fun stuff. Kind of glad that the weather has cooled off so it won’t be miserably hot walking around the fairgrounds!

4 thoughts on “Another surgery down”

  1. Karen I used to live on MI and have kept up with Marguerite Lipani over the years. She sent me your blog site and I have just finished reading and looking at your pictures. You are such an inspiration. You probably don’t remember but in 1995 our son Jeff did a trip to Argentina called Expedition Inspiration, 16 women who all had breast cancer were there to climb Aconcaqua–the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. Anyway, Dan and I were there and met all these amazing women. Three of the women made the summit and it fell on Jeff’s shoulders to film the final ascent. The program was on PBS and I think it was called New Age Explorers.. a Curtis production. Anyway I wish you bright days. Lynne Martin…tell your Mom and Dad hi for us. We make it to MI to see Mark and family but never enough time.

  2. Hi Karen..

    Glad you have that surgery behind you. I’ve had that one as well. Sorry about the side effects you’re experiencing.

    I’m a Red Mango fan too. I find an excuse around 3:00 most days to go get something there… Justifying by saying it’s healthy. I know.. it’s always a changing bunch of kids working there.. I’ll keep going though.

    Seeing your mom and dad for dinner on Saturday. Will be fun to catch up.

    Take care..

    Elspeth Ferguson

    Elspeth Ferguson

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