Life without Penny. . .

. . . really sucks. I keep looking for her on the back of the couch or curled up in my bed. I expect her to come running after me every time I go up the stairs. I wake up in the middle of the night and wonder where she is on the bed, and then I remember that she is gone. It’s very lonely and boring around here without her.

Jackson doesn’t seem to notice at all, but the cats sure do– especially Ella. I don’t think I realized how much attention Ella got from Penny, and now she’s wandering around meowing for her friend.

I cannot imagine spending the rest of my life without having another Cavalier. Penny was such good company and my constant little buddy. I need a dog like that to focus on and give attention to and have by my side all the time. It’s so quiet in my house now, I never realized how much I talked to Penny and just chatted at her all the time.

I’m not going to rush out and get another dog. I need to make some plans for what would happen to the dog after I’m gone, since likely it would outlive me. I’m not looking to leave burdens for others, but I’m also not going to deprive myself of the things that truly bring me joy because I’m afraid of what will happen to them after I die. There are women on the message boards with Stage IV breast cancer who don’t buy themselves new clothes because they think it would be a waste of money. I am not that way at all– I want to do fun things, take trips, buy new shoes, etc. I am not going to be a martyr and deprive myself of happiness just because my life is going to be shorter than I’d planned. That would just be way too depressing, and who wants to live that way?

I know that Penelope cannot be replaced. But that doesn’t mean that another Cavalier King Charles wouldn’t bring me just as much joy. They are bred to be lap dogs, they want to be with you constantly, and they are soft and cuddly and loving. The personality of a new dog would be different, of course, but the basic instincts are the same and raised from a puppy, another Cavalier would be attached to me just as Penny was. Check out this little girl and how ADORABLE she is:

Who wouldn’t be smiling all the time with a pup like this?

5 thoughts on “Life without Penny. . .”

  1. Karen,
    The picture of Penny and Ella is darling. You are right there will never be
    another Penny but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t love the next one she looks

    Aunt sue

  2. Karen,
    I too can’t imagine life without a cuddle buddy. My dog Boone is my sanity. The kids accuse me weekly of loving him more than them! I always tell them don’t be silly, but Boone does think I am perfect!

    Good luck with finding that special little one. Penny would want that for you.


  3. Karen,

    You know we relate to the void you are feeling! We also understand your careful thought about adding a new buddy to the family, but still think you should go for it!

    Nancy & Ed

  4. Great post Karen!

    I’m happy to help take care of, and help find a home for this little one, if need be. My first hope is that you’ll live a long and happy life together – you never know… my Mom lived 10 years beyond her diagonosis! Glad you have him to play with along the way!

    Love to you both! And Jackson, #1 my boyfriend, of course…

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