It’s been three years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. Somehow, it seems so much longer than that. In my support group they send out emails about how it’s so-and-so’s cancerversary and then everyone emails back things like “yay, another year!” and stuff like that. Maybe this makes sense to people who are now cancer-free. Like, they’ve beat it and lived another year? I don’t know, I just don’t get it. I don’t want to celebrate how long I’ve had to deal with this crap. It’s not a date I get excited about or anything. I mean, really– I just don’t understand why this date would be something to celebrate?

Your Finn picture for today is from our park trip on Saturday. After a drink, he decided he needed to rest for a bit. Happy, happy pup:

1 thought on “Cancer-versary?”

  1. Karen– I don’t know if you will remember who I am. I started working at ECG when you were about 7 years old & I stayed there until I retired in 2002. I follow your blog on occasion (your Dad sent me the link a while back) & I am thrilled to read that your numbers have improved. But I am also thrilled to read about your new pup! I know the feeling of an empty house when you loose a pet. We recently filled that void with Barclay, our black Lab pup. His favorite game is to grab the end of the toilet paper role & run from the bathroom, throughout the house, trailing the white toilet paper behind him! He knows we laugh every time he does it…so it has been difficult to break him of that habit. After reading about some of Finn’s antics, I thought you might enjoy hearing about one of Barclay’s favorite activities. I am sure that you will give Finn lots of love, no matter what kind of trouble his puppy brain gets him into!
    And, I suspect that Finn will give you strength.

    Jay Levine.

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