Trip to MN

We had a great visit with Sue and Gary in Remer, MN. Lynette came up for the day with the kids and it was fun to see them, they are all great kids. We also got to see Wynona perform at the local casino– she rocks! Here we are before the show:

We had great weather the whole time we were in MN, and now there’s been great weather in Seattle since we’ve been home. Finn has gotten to go to the park a few days in a row now and he’s such a happy boy. He is growing fast and is already 9lbs. I can’t believe it!

He is a natural at fetching the ball!

2 thoughts on “Trip to MN”

  1. Hi Karen,

    I think Finn needs to be up here, he would blend in with all the fall colors.
    What a cutie he is! The kids are still talking about how much fun you were.
    Wish we all lived closer.

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