Yearly scans

This week I had a:
breast MRI
bone scan
PET scan
CT scan

So glad for all that to be done with. And today we met with Dr. Gralow to get my great results:

My treatment has ROCKED and has totally kicked cancer’s butt. All my bone mets are stable and the liver mets are healing. There are no new mets at all. I’ve been on a chemo break for 3 months, trying a different kind of drug. It’s working, so I get another 3 months at least (then we’ll scan again and go from there).

She added Femara back into my drug plans, even though that drug did not work for me before. The goal is not for the femara to kill cancer. The goal is for the Femara to block the current cancer cells from trying to adapt and use estrogen to create a new strain that’s resilient to Tykerb and Herceptin. It’s complicated, I know. But we’re just trying to cover all our bases.

So, for the next 3 months I have two drugs that I take at home every day. Once every three weeks, I go into the cancer center for an infusion of two drugs through my port. That’s it! Compared to weekly chemo, this is awesome. Now I know what my schedule will be and can start making holiday plans and then take a trip or something. WHOO HOO!!!

10 thoughts on “Yearly scans”

  1. Karen,

    I am thrilled for you and all the people that have supported you! You must
    be on an all time high. Great news.

    Aunt Sue

  2. Hi Karen..

    Your mom passed the beyond great news on to us! Yahoo! We’re so happy for all of you.

    Have fun with that adorable puppy.

    Elspeth and Bruce Ferguson

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