Elizabeth was a member of my Stage IV support group. She passed away last night at age 42, after 4 years of treatment. She leaves behind a husband and two young kids.

Our group has only 7 members. Well, now 6. Elizabeth was funny and smart and feisty and she was so so happy to celebrate her 10th anniversary in Ireland this summer and show her kids where they had gone on their honeymoon. I’m glad she got that trip, but sad that the end came so fast for her. The last conversation I remember having with her was about starting new treatment; about how she was never giving up and didn’t want to die and was so afraid to leave her kids. She was frail at the time, but doing okay. She went into the hospital last week for mets in her retinas and shortness of breath, and she never got to go back home.

3 thoughts on “Elizabeth”

  1. E was a Ray of Light and it sucks to have her gone. I hope you can make her service at 4 p.m. at St. Mark’s Cathedral. I’ll be sure to say something irreverent in her honor. Thanks to all of you who supported her.
    Love and hugs,
    Debra Jarvis

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