Merry Christmas!

I am a spoiled, spoiled girl and had a great holiday with lots of presents, food, and family/friends. On Christmas Eve we had our annual dinner with the Farrells. Later in the evening, the boys came over to watch “Love, Actually,” one of the only holiday movies that I think is cute. On Christmas morning, we opened presents at my parent’s house, had a yummy lunch, and then went to the movies at Gold Class cinemas in Redmond. Man, I need one of those reclining seats!!!

So now there is the lull before the new year. . . things seem pretty quiet (except for the shopping malls, I guess). I have been tired, but I find it really hard to sleep. My feet, ankles, and lower legs ache all the time. I can distract myself from it during the day, but lying in bed at night it becomes so nagging and annoying that it keeps me awake despite Ambien and Ativan. Sometimes I take a Percocet at night to sleep, but I don’t want to be doing that every night since it makes me kind of loopy. And it triggers hot flashes, so I’ve been sleeping without covers and with the windows open. I do set the heat to 60 degrees at night, so I’m not going to freeze anytime soon.

After spending the day in my pajamas today, I think I will head to Whidbey Island tomorrow or Thursday. The pups sure would love some time at the beach.

There was an interesting piece on ABC News tonight. While of course I think doctors should be having these conversations with patients, the TV segment made things look so simple– and assumed that patients, given a choice, would always chose quality over quantity. I don’t think it’s that simple at all. Knowing where to draw the line, when to make that choices about how you want to die– it’s complicated in so many different ways. Choosing aggressive treatment doesn’t mean that you are choosing quantity over quality.

1 thought on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Hi Karen,

    I am a colleague and friend of your fathers. I lost my sister to breast cancer when she was just 50 years old. I too was very saddened by the death of Elizabeth Edwards. I read her books and found them very helpful, as my daughter died tragically at age 17. John Edwards is such a sh– . I can identify with Elizabeth as bad things can and do happen and one’s only course is resilience and positivity. I can tell from your blog that you have mastered both resilience and positivity. I hate this disease…and I am very sorry that you are going through it. Take care and know that you are loved by people you don’t even know! Warmly, Kelly Wallace

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