4 thoughts on “Really good article in NY Times”

  1. It is a good explanation of stage 4 cancer because so many people do not understand what treatable but not cure able really means. We are just happy that you don’t have any cancer progression at the moment and that you have some fun trips to look forward to. You are such a wonderful example of living with grace in spite of a terribly difficult situation. Love you, Mom.

  2. Karen

    Thank you for posting this article—it gives people like myself, a greater understanding of the complexity of the disease.

    Your constant search for knowledge and understanding is a bright light in a very dark world.

    1. Karen,
      Great article, very informative but does not hold back any punches.
      Reminds me of all the things that you have said and talked about.

      Thank you for being in my life. You are the best!

      Love, Aunt Sue

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