Long Overdue Update

It’s been awhile! I haven’t had much to write about, things are pretty stable right now. And we like stable. We like boring. Hooray for nothing exciting to report!

I took Finnegan to Arizona for a week and he loved being spoiled by his grandparents and his Auntie Sue. Unfortunately, I was down with a bad cold the entire time and felt pretty awful. We let the guys win at cribbage a few times, just so they would keep playing with us. But besides that, I spent most of the time sleeping or wishing I could sleep. I’m home now and definitely getting better, though the coughing still wakes me up at night.

I have a fabulous new bed that is totally changing my life. I finally got a tempur-pedic bed and not only that, but I got the old-lady adjustable base. So now I can adjust the bed in a zillion ways and it’s so comfy! It is definitely helping the pain and I feel a lot better when I wake up in the mornings. I still wake up a lot at night, but there is not as much pain in my joints and I can get comfortable much faster, which means I can get back to sleep much faster.

I had my infusions yesterday and so far feel pretty good. This weekend I’m going to pup-sit for my friend Jen’s 2 cavaliers, Frankie and Deano. How fun will that be???? I can’t wait to see how Finn does having to share the attention 🙂 He will definitely love having friends his size to play with, I’m just not sure what he’s gonna do when they hop up on the bed and snuggle with his mom.

I’m also going to be packing this weekend because I’m heading to Hawaii on Tuesday. Yes, Hawaii. For TWO WEEKS! How amazing is that? I still can’t really believe it. But I’ll post more about the trip when it starts. My iPad will be coming to Maui with me, so I’ll be able to post updates and photos of all the fabulous tropical drinks I’m going to have. I feel much better now than I did when we went to Kona last June, when I was 7 months into chemo. So this time I will be able to do twice as much! If it wasn’t for my sweet pets, I might never come home.

5 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update”

  1. Hey Karen……

    Look forward to seeing you in Maui for some get togethers. I, also, am doing a count down until the 10th, when we arrive. Like yourself, I AM JUST SOOOO READY.

    See you soon for those “drinks with umbrellas in them”!!

      1. Hi, My name is Laurie and I’ve been diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer (Oct 2010) Your father spoke with Brooks Ragen @ SCCA party. They thought I might like to “talk” to you so they gave me your info. Everything I’ve read on your blog I get. I feel the same way you do. Thank you for giving stage 4 a voice that I understand. Have fun in Hawaii, and I would love to become one of your groupies! Sincerely Laurie Mills

  2. You go girl! Sounds like you will have a grand time. I will think
    of you often as I look out the window at 4 feet of snow.

  3. What could be better than Hawaii??? The thought of warm sun and fancy drinks sounds pretty terrific to me. Have a wonderful time.

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