Better Living Through Chemistry

So my doc put me on Celexa, which should help increase that seratonin in my brain or whatever I need to start to not be so crazy. I think that will take awhile to work, so in the meantime I’m rocking the Valium and trying to get a lot of good sleep.

Anxiety makes me get into cleaning mode, but I am running out of closets and drawers to clean out. I need to start going to other people’s houses to clean out their stuff, but no one would like that because I think most things should just be gotten rid of. If you don’t use it, give it away. You wouldn’t believe my closet. I’ve even given away a zillion of my handbags, and you know how I love those! Need a Coach handbag? I’ve got a few in my giveaway pile that could use a new home!

So, what is next in my life? On Tuesday I go in for a PET/CT scan. Then I’ll meet with a psychiatrist at SCCA who is going to take a look at all of my drugs and help me figure out what I can do to balance everything. On Wednesday I meet with Dr. Gralow to go over the scan results and talk about whether or not any treatment changes are needed. Then I’ll head upstairs to my regular Wednesday infusion.

It will be two long days, but then I’ll have enough information that I should be able to plan my April and May trips. Probably nothing too far away, maybe just some short trips where I can take the dogs with me. Any suggestions on dog-friendly getaways in WA or OR?

2 thoughts on “Better Living Through Chemistry”

  1. Go to Shakti Cove over in Ocean Park on the Long Beach Peninsula! Super dog friendly and affordable.

    Here’s where I stayed for my birthday and it is also dog friendly and affordable. Since it’s not peak season right now if you go Fri night and Sat night you get either Thur or Sun night free. Plus it’s huge so you can invite people if you want. For three nights I paid barely over $300.

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