There is a Cure!

How in the world did I miss this? Did you know that all I need to do is drink lemon juice/eat pounds of asparagus/etc. and my cancer would be cured? Did you know that that all of the chemo and fancy drugs I have been on and the surgery– all of that is just the medical establishment’s way to make money? That my oncologist and all these doctors don’t actually want us to know there is a cure for cancer, because then they wouldn’t make any more money?

Apparently, cancer treatment is just one big conspiracy and if I would just suck on a few lemons that would be better treatment than chemo!

Seriously, if I see another one of these emails about the cancer “cure” that’s in my own supermarket, I’m going to scream. And for those that forward along this crap? I have got to wonder: where is their cure for stupid?

5 thoughts on “There is a Cure!”

  1. I thought the cure for all ills was pomegranate. And all of science is a conspiracy. Scientists are evil, like the government, and doctors. Didn’t you realize? (UGH I hate pseudoscience conspiracy stuff like this so much . . . *hugs*)

  2. I have been told the same thing about type 1 diabetes. I seriously almost punched a woman in the throat one time in a restaurant. I had just ordered Ethan a Diet Coke – and the lady leaned over and said “Don’t you think he is a little young to have on a diet?” I responded that he was a type 1 diabetic and didn’t need the sugar. She said “maybe if you hadn’t given him so much sugar as a baby, he wouldn’t have diabetes now”

    I sucked in a deep breath – fought the urge to rip her face off – and said “that isn’t how you get type 1 diabetes. It is an auto-immune disorder – there is nothing you can do to prevent it and there is no cure”

    She responded “Uhhhh yeah there is a cure. I saw an infomercial that will cure it with vitamins”

    I turned around and walked off. Because I was literally going to punch her.

    Proof that people are idiots. And there is no cure for stupid.

    Thanks for introducing me and James. I hope I can help out a bit 🙂

    1. Oh I am infuriated for you! Just reading that makes me want to throw something at that stupid woman! You are a strong woman for walking away.

      Thanks for getting in touch with James, I really appreciate it. He’s a good guy.

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