I’m a Xelodite

So I’m just about to finish my second cycle of Xeloda. It’s not terrible, but it’s not my favorite thing either. I’m living on smoothies, applesauce, and saltines. Some days I feel like throwing up all day, and other days I feel fine. But towards the end of the second week, like today, the fatigue is overwhelming. Taking a shower made me so tired that I had to get back in bed. I think the dogs are going to stage a mutiny of some kind and drive themselves to the park.

Many many thanks to all who have donated to our Komen Race for the Cure team. You can sign up to walk with us or donate by going to my Komen fundraising page.

1 thought on “I’m a Xelodite”

  1. Sorry that you are not feeling well. I think that if anyone could drive to the park it
    would be Finn and Jackson. I have a picture of them calling from their cell phone
    to say that they will be home late. Rest and feel better. You are loved.

    Aunt Sue

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