Itching to hit the road!

Summer is approaching and it makes me wish for camping and national parks and road trips. I want to be sitting in my camp chair, feet in the river, drinking a beer and reading my book. I suspect that sleeping in a tent won’t be as comfortable as I get old and such…so today I am daydreaming about an Airstream. In my fantasy life, I am getting one of these and then I am going to tow it with one of these. How amazing would that be? Even the dogs would love it.

Back here in reality, I’m going to put the roof box on my QX4 and hope it can take me on a few shorter road trips this summer. I’ve got the week of June 20 free, so I might go out to the Olympic Peninsula and do some poking around before it gets busy with family campers. Assuming that my scans go well in July, I’ll have another free week that month. Then there are the 3-week infusion breaks in August and September that would let me go a little further.

So, I’ll focus on June for right now. Father’s Day on Whidbey, then maybe the ferry over to Port Townsend. Anybody want to meet up somewhere for a weekend of camping on the 25th? Assuming good weather, of course. Sequim has a lot of sunshine, right?

2 thoughts on “Itching to hit the road!”

  1. Karen,
    I can see you on the road in an airstream, how about a rental?
    Road trip sounds great.
    karen reagan

  2. I think you can rent an RV, but it’s probably more expensive than just staying in hotels! Might be able to rent a pop-up tent trailer, though I’m not sure my car can pull that much weight. I have some research to do! Cruisin’ the country in an RV sounds like the best summer ever.

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