Great scans!

I have been busy busy busy with family in town from Florida, so I don’t have much time to update. But I can quickly report that my latest scans were really good. Only one liver met can be seen (I used to have about 15) and it’s been stable for a long time. Most of the bone mets are healing, and the active ones are less active than they were 3 months ago. Everything looks good, the Xeloda is working. As long as my bloodwork shows the tumor markers stay low, I can wait 4 months until the next set of scans.

The project now is to improve the side effects of the current treatment. My feet are burning and blistered and feel terrible. We’re going to try doing the oral chemo one week on, one week off (instead of 2 weeks on, one week off). This protocol isn’t tested yet, but it’s in trial at MD Anderson and my oncologist thinks it’s safe to try. It might lessen my side effects quite a bit, so I am hopeful that I’ll be feeling better the next four months and can enjoy summer.

Today is the worst in my current drug cycle, the toxins are at their peak and I just feel kinda gross. I hobble around and drink my ginger ale, but I’m ready for a nap with Finnegan already. It’s been a really fun week with my cousins are in town and I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to do so many fun things with them. I’ll have to get pictures posted soon!

4 thoughts on “Great scans!”

  1. Wow Karen, I’m so happy to hear your great news. I hope the changes in the dosage of your medication brings great improvement to the side effects you’ve been experiencing. Enjoy your summer 🙂

  2. This is the BEST news………….

    So glad that the drugs are working and that you are enjoying success at beating this thing.

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. That is fantastic news, Karen. Wow! I hope the alternating weeks on the meds helps improve the blisters and other side effects – that sounds like an impediment to enjoying walks on the beach with the dogs. Glad Julie is willing to try something new in terms of the meds! I had no idea your mets were improving so much – that is freaking amazing.
    Hope you’re feeling a wee bit better today, and that you get to enjoy some of the lovely summer weather that seems to be showing up in the sky today!

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