I Need A Foot Transplant

I finally broke down and bought Bag Balm. Yes, it’s for cow udders. But the Xeloda gals on the message board swear it works and I am desperate. I slather this nasty-smelling petroleum product over my feet several times a day and then cover with socks. I think it is working, but it’s hard to tell. Besides just the general burning and peeling, I have a heel crack that is so deep I can hardly believe it. Man does that thing hurt! And then this morning I made a lovely discovery. Under my little toe, where it connects to the foot, the skin is split open. Like, I had a moment of panic that my little toe was falling off! It’s not an easy place to put a band-aid, so I don’t quite know how to fix this one.

It is kind of sad that I take Vicodin every night to sleep because my feet hurt so much, but otherwise I can’t sleep. My feet are definitely better on the new 7-day on, 7-day off regimen. But sheesh, I miss getting my pedicures!

2 thoughts on “I Need A Foot Transplant”

  1. Karen: sorry to hear about your feet, how rotten for you. if it makes you feel any better, it isn’t so desperate to use Bag Balm – I use it now and then myself (and this month my teenage daughter started using it for her abused soccer feet). It really does work for dry/cracked skin but I agree the smell is nasty, not to mention it being so greasy/slippery that you can barely wash it off. I spent part of my childhood growing up on a farm in Idaho and this was the product we used for our nursing mother goats!
    Janet Leeds

  2. Hey Karen, that really sucks. I have used Burt’s Bees Res-Q Ointment with some success on things like that before, and it worked wonders on my healing tattoo. It smells nice. I have some extra laying around, if you’d like to try it out and see if it works for you. Lemme know and I’ll drop it by.

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