Viva Las Vegas!

I had a great weekend in Vegas with Miranda and Corey. We also got to see Miranda D. and Tammy the first night, and a quick visit with Tracey and John who were staying at our hotel. I rode the roller coaster, saw a great show, lost money on slot machines, ate lots of food, and drank a giant mango drink. We saw the fountain show at Bellagio, the lions at MGM, and some terrible outfits on women. There were a lot of short short skirts and high high heels.

Now it’s back to regular life. Over the weekend, Katie and I went up to Whidbey while her hubby was in Denver for the weekend. Julia loved a weekend with the girls and constantly asked, “What’s Finnegan doin’?” It was pretty cute.

Today I took Jackson and Finn for their vet check-ups. Finn is great, but Jackson is getting old. My vet thought he looked a lot worse than the last time he was in just six months ago. She thinks that he can still see movement, but is mostly blind. With that and pain from his arthritis, he is getting cranky. He also seems to have some doggy senility– spaces out sometimes, forgets how to use the dog door, etc. We’re going to try some medication to help his arthritis, but the truth is that he’s just getting old and this is probably his last year. Poor old guy.

Speaking of old guys, I signed up to be a foster mom for old dogs through Old Dog Haven. I’m talking to them tomorrow about their first choice for me– a 16-year-old little dog that needs a home. This would be what they call a “Final Refuge” placement, though, which means that I would be his doggie hospice home and keep him until he dies. That’s a big deal, so I’m not entirely sure about it yet. They cover all vet bills, so I’d just be in charge of food and love. Just thinking about doing it makes me feel good… all dogs deserve to be cared for in their final months. If it works out, I’ll post his picture later this week!

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