Great scans!


All of my scans were good and I don’t have to scan again for 3 months. Hooray! There is only one lesion visible on my liver, when there used to be like 15. All of the lesions in my bones are stable. So my treatment plan remains the same and I’m feeling pretty good. I signed up to be in a clinical trial for Zometa, which is the bone-building drug I’ve been getting infused every 3 weeks for the past two years. The trial will mean a lot more appointments at SCCA, but the results will directly benefit me so it will be worth it. I’ll explain more in another post.

Right now I’m in the airport waiting for my flight back to Seattle. I had a great weekend in Arizona with my folks and Tara and Milt. Little Milty loved all of the attention and getting to go in the pool with his dad.

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