My Toenails are Disappearing!

It’s very, very strange. But the little nails on my toes are getting smaller and smaller and now they are barely there. The big toe nails look normal. It doesn’t hurt, but it feels weird. Oh well.

I’m back on the Xeloda today, it’s only day 2 of the cycle and I’m already so tired. But I’m super grateful that the cleaning service was here today so I have a clean house, clean bathrooms, and clean sheets on the bed. I’m not sure that there are many things better than slipping into clean sheets at night.

I just heard that some of my favorite people are going to be able to join me for New Year’s weekend in Cannon Beach, OR. So far there are 5 adults, 2 kids, and 3 dogs. What fun! We’re going to the same resort I went to last year, where my 1-bedroom suite had this view:

1 thought on “My Toenails are Disappearing!”

  1. I’ve had almost no toenail on my littlest toes for years, and very little on some of the others…if you’re worried about it when wearing sandals or whatever, you can just paint some nail polish where the nail would be if you had any, and it’s really not noticeable (in my case, I get hubby to help me! as I can’t reach my feet very well/back issues).

    what a great view! it’s fun to go to the Oregon coast at this time of year

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