Who’s That Girl?

First, the great news: Tara and Milt had a baby girl yesterday! And I got to go to the hospital and hold her when she was just 2 hours old. I’m so happy for them, they are fantastic parents and everyone is healthy and at home tonight.

Looking at the photos from yesterday, I am again finding myself asking, “Who is that?” I hardly recognize myself. I’ve never been a vain person– I don’t wear make-up usually or care much about my hair, etc. But holy crap, I can’t believe how much different I look than just a few years ago. Is it the grey hair? The weight gain? The instant menopause making my skin change and wrinkle faster? I don’t know, but in these pictures I look like I’m about 45. My mom and I are starting to look more like sisters than mother/daughter, because she looks so young and I look so old!

My nose is driving me crazy and I woke up this morning with yet another bad nosebleed. At least this time it was 9am and not in the middle of the night like before. It’s disorienting to wake up at 4am with blood all over your face and pillow!

1 thought on “Who’s That Girl?”

  1. I think you are beautiful! You must have something wrong with your camra, I would get a
    different one. Great news about Tara and Milt having a girl.

    Love you,
    Aunt Sue

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