Boring, everyday stuff

I am trying really hard to be more productive. After being sick for a week and some wallowing about being an unemployed bum, my counselor suggested that I make a list of things to do to take care of myself and the house– then start crossing those things off the list.

First up was a dental visit. It had been more than a year! I found a great office near my house that specializes in patients on chemo and/or radiation. My dentist was a gal my age and she was very approachable and easygoing. Fortunately, my teeth are in pretty good shape considering everything and the cleaning was not terrible to endure. Unfortunately, one of my fillings has cracked and there is enough decay underneath that she thinks she’ll have to do a root canal next week. We’ll see once they drill down, but I think it’s likely I’ll have to do the root canal and then get a crown over it. Bummer! Not excited for that at all.

I took Finnegan to the vet today so he can get a health certificate, which he needs to travel to AZ next week on the airplane. He is very healthy and everyone at the vet’s office loved all over him and told him how cute he is. But, the vet thinks he’s maybe getting a little pudgy and suggested that he lose a pound. I guess it’s time for both Finn and I to get on some kind of fitness program! Another bummer. I do not like exercising or dieting, even for the dog.

Today I’m getting the furnace and air conditioner service done. Tomorrow the plumber is coming to check the leak in my hot water heater. Friday Sears is coming to clean out my dryer vent, so hopefully my clothes will no longer take an hour or more to dry. Next on my list is to get new carpeting for upstairs– the mold from where the deck doors were leaking is just growing. A mushroom grew in the corner where the door meets the frame. A mushroom. On the INSIDE of the bedroom. Yuck.

None of this is very exciting, but at least I feel like I am taking care of some things. It will be good to get all this dental stuff done while I have dental insurance, which is only for two more months. Oh yeah, I got my medicare and insurance stuff all squared away this week, too. See, I am on fire! Bring on more tasks!

Can napping count as a job?

3 thoughts on “Boring, everyday stuff”

  1. Yes, napping counts as taking care of yourself. Just put it on your to do list so you have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

  2. If napping counts, I’m going to count online shopping, too. I’ve gained 10 lbs and that’s enough to make me need new bras. Not the best reason to have for shopping, but I added a few pairs of pajama pants into the order so it would be a little more fun.

  3. May be everyday, but definitely not boring (your writing is too good for that, Karen!) – if our lives weren’t made up mostly of this stuff, we’d burn out too fast. What a great idea, a checklist for every day. Reminds me of the “flipper system” I used to use for housecleaning and really should go back to, ’cause it WORKED (till I changed my schedule and never revised my task lists; idea was from The Messies Manual by Sandra Felton). Now I seem to make checklists only for major events or important things; one like yours would cut down on those feelings of Why Didn’t I Accomplish Anything This Weekend? The exercise topic can have an “everyday” aspect also (I don’t like it or dieting either!) … do you and Finnegan like walking together? I’ve found that taking my dogs along on errands leads to little walks around such interesting destination points as the Safeway or Albertsons store complexes, or the Starbucks parking lot, or even inside McLendon’s or the auto parts store (Bridgie the poodle had a great time inside a second-hand store once – their rule was, “dogs IN carts are fine” – so I hoisted my then-50-lb. girl in). They enjoy even a 5- or 10-minute walk, anywhere with different smells than home, I guess!

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