My Sweet Bunny


Finnegan is the sweetest Easter bunny ever. He’s been having lots of adventures lately and he gets attention wherever we go. He didn’t particularly love going on the airplane to Arizona, but he liked being there and going for lots of walks with his Auntie Sue. Here he is in the airport, getting ready to fly:


After we got back from our trip, I finally got new carpet installed upstairs. It’s so nice! I love love love love it and I’m so happy to not have my hallway smell like dog pee. Luckily, the subfloor wasn’t damaged by the water leaks and there was just some mold to clean up.

The increase of Xeloda has been annoying. My feet are on fire and I’m also having shooting pains in my feet and ankles that I think might be the beginning of neuropathy. The fatigue is back and I get winded just going up stairs. I’m easily frustrated by little things, like my fingernails peeling off and having to repeat the spelling of my name and my birthdate a zillion times every time I go in to SCCA. I’m just so sick of it! I can’t wait until my trip to Cannon Beach at the end of the month for a little rest and beach time.

Last weekend I got to spend some time with the Reimers up on Whidbey Island. Milt is amazing, he can just go and go non-stop. If only I could get some of that energy in a bottle!


4 thoughts on “My Sweet Bunny”

  1. Thanks Karen for having the Reimers overnight, Milty is still talking about Finnigan. The bunny ears are the best, thanks for sharing. You have a right to be irritated by the continually assaults on your body, hoping the feet start feeling better for chasing the dogs at Cannon Beach
    Love you

  2. That is the sweetest Easter Bunny I have seen! May you have a beautiful and Blessed Easter and thanks of sharing.

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