Summer has finally started and things have been busy. It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, so here’s a quick recap of what’s happened in the last month.

Hawaii! Those of you on Facebook saw all of my fabulous tropical drinks. The wedding was fantastic, our condo was super nice, and everyone had a great time. I took a little chemo break for the trip, so I felt pretty good and was able to go snorkeling and to the luau with everyone. I am so very lucky that my generous parents took me on this trip!


Me and the newlyweds!

I’ve unfortunately been dealing with stupid blood clotting issues that are annoying and frustrating. I have a DVT in my left leg that still hasn’t resolved, so I’m injecting a blood thinner into my stomach area every night. It burns for a good 5 minutes afterwards, so it’s not my favorite thing. In the last week my leg has been twitching and feeling weird, so now I have to wear compression stockings every day. Not a great fashion statement and super hot in the summer! Oh well. This is all just a reminder that cancer and chemotherapy damage the body in many different ways. 

I went up to Whidbey for the 4th of July and then friends came up for the weekend. It was fun to hang out with everyone and the kids were hilarious. But frustrating that I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to, like walk down the path to the beach with everyone. I’m trying to appreciate the things I do get to do– like catch up with friends at a beautiful beach house. But sometimes I just want things to go back to normal.


Storytime on Whidbey Island

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