Jackson (May 2000-July 2012)

I still remember the day I brought him home, he looked like a little teddy bear. He was a good dog and we had a lot of great times together. The house still feels strange without him, and I miss his “talking.” 


Me and Jackson at Whidbey, when he was about 5 months old


Hiking in Sun Valley. . . Jackson loved hiking, camping, swimming


Such a handsome boy, such a great smile

4 thoughts on “Jackson (May 2000-July 2012)”

  1. Karen,
    Jackson was a gorgeous doggie with a wonderful home! Their lives seem so short, don’t they?
    Pretty tough…
    Nancy, Ed & Lilly

  2. Karen, your lovely tribute for Jackson was perfect. Pets are so dear and such a part of our lives. He’ll be in your heart forever.
    Love, Carol and Chuck

  3. Karen, we’re thinking of you. Jackson was a wonderful and faithful friend, and I know you’ll miss him. I loved the photos.
    Barb & Bob

  4. Karen…….
    I still remember the day you brought Jackson over for an “introduction”.
    He was always so responsive to love and attention and so quick to give back the same.

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