I’m so angry

I have never met her in person, but emailed once and have heard about Lisa– a 34-year-old woman living here in Seattle with breast cancer. Her husband died of CF  about 2 years ago. She worked hard to earn her law degree, but had to quit work. Her blog has mirrored so many of my own thoughts and feelings about being young and having Stage IV cancer. She has gone through 5 different chemo regimens and none of them have worked. Someone just posted on the YSC Facebook page that she has entered hospice. It’s not fair and it makes me so angry I just want to throw things. Young, smart woman loses her husband, has to face cancer treatment on her own, and now is dying. It makes no sense at all.

2 thoughts on “I’m so angry”

  1. I am so sorry Karen.Your right it makes no sense and this too is so unfair. I can’t imagine what it would be like going through her whole ordeal with no successes and by herself. Not o.k.

  2. It all seems so completely unfair, Karen. ‘Tis so impossible to know how to vent–maybe
    screaming into the wind on the beach.
    It’s an impossible situation. You are in my heart.

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