Road Trip

We had a great time in Montana, but the drive was long and I am glad to be home. I drove first to Yellowstone and met up with my friends Steven and Scotty. One night of camping was enough– I spent the next 2 in a hotel! Then I drove through the park and over the Beartooth Pass to Red Lodge for the family reunion. We had a great place to stay there on the creek and Finnegan got more attention than you can ever imagine. 

The drive home was long, hot, and boring. A bright spot was my first morning in Missoula, MT, when I got to catch up with a childhood friend who is living there now. Hadn’t seen her in 20 years! How did we ever get to be an age where that is even possible?

So now I am at home and enjoying petsitting. This morning as I type, I have 4 small dogs running around the couch. They play play play and are the cutest. It just makes me so happy to have all these little wagging tails around. I actually am excited to get up in the morning because they are all here!

I am still waiting to get all my tests done to enroll in the clinical trial. Because my original invasive cancer was so tiny, there isn’t enough left to test. So on Wednesday I’m having a bone biopsy so they can take a little piece of the cancer that’s in my rib and use it to test for the trial. Then I’ll have to repeat the CT, bone scan, and a bunch of other crap. It’s taking way longer than we thought and I’ve now been off chemo for almost 4 weeks. I feel good, but need to get started on this new plan.

My oncologist is having me do a dose of Herceptin tomorrow so that I’m not totally unprotected for all of this time. But it’s still getting a little weird. I can feel 2 more lesions in my ribs and something in my lower spine. But despite these little burning spots, overall I feel really good not being on chemo! My feet are almost totally back to normal. I can eat whatever I want. And some days I don’t even take a nap! 

4 thoughts on “Road Trip”

  1. HI, my name is Michelle. I was doing a search on the Teresa Study and stumbled into your blog. I just stopped my xeloda and tykerb on Tuesday. I am waiting for someone to contact me to get started on the checklists of the trail. All your side effects hit me like a mirror. 🙂
    Hope you can start the trail soon, and that this one works!!! Oh and Happy Birthday to you. Just celebrated my 35th on the 19th.
    Thank you for the comfort I found reading your blog.
    take care,

    1. Hi Michelle! Thanks for commenting, sounds like we have a lot in common. Have you heard anything about starting the trial yet? They are having to repeat all of my scans, so it will be another 2 weeks or so before I can get started.

      1. Just met with Dr. Audeh on Tuesday. I need to be off tykerb, xeloda, and herceptin for 21 days so I have a few weeks to go. In the meantime they are trying to get a sample to sent over to Germany. After I sign consent then I will start the scanning processes…
        Why do they have to repeat your scans?

  2. There wasn’t enough cancer in my original tissue– I only had a micromet of IDC, the rest was DCIS. So we had to do a bone biopsy and get a sample of the active cancer. Once that got done and the slides sent to Germany, all the scans were going to be more than 30-days out. They have to be within 30 days of starting the trial, so I have to repeat them all. Yuck!

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