Bye-Bye, Bone

Bone biopsies are not fun. I did have some sedation, but was awake and aware while they used a giant needle to drill into my pelvic bone. The target was a small lesion, so it took several tries for them to hit the right spot and then get enough of the bone out. Not fun. Not fun at all. Today I just feel bruised and achy, like someone drilled into my butt. Oh wait, they did.

So I heard from the trial coordinator today and I’m annoyed and frustrated at all the tests I now have to repeat so that they will be within 30 days of enrolling. Even though I just did all these tests last month, now I have to go back in and repeat the CT, MUGA, bone scan, and brain MRI. Another brain MRI, seriously? It’s ridiculous. But I asked my oncologist and she really thinks this drug is important for me and that we shouldn’t wait for it’s approval next year. So I have to do it all. Stupid cancer. Stupid, stupid cancer.

2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, Bone”

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