Meet Piper!

The newest addition to my family is a sweet, spunky, fearless, tiny girl that I’m already madly in love with. Piper is a little firecracker and she’s going to keep me busy!

There is nothing better than a sweet warm puppy snuggled up to your face. She is amazing!

So most of you know that I did not get into the TDM-1 arm of the clinical trial. I’m part of the 1/3 of participants that instead get “physician’s choice.” My oncologist has chosen Navelbine and I will be starting that drug tomorrow. Navelbine is a fairly tolerable chemotherapy. Hair thinning but not loss. Most patients experience fatigue, mouth sores, headaches, and neuropathy in the hands and feet. Low white blood cell counts and platelet counts are common, so most patients also need to get Neupogen shots once a week, which cause a lot of joint pain. I won’t tell you about all the GI side effects.

This is not fun. But what else can I do? This is a drug that is so caustic it will burn through the skin if dripped. Yet tomorrow they are going to inject it right into the port in my chest. It’s totally crazy. But at least I’ll be able to come home after and snuggle with my pups!

9 thoughts on “Meet Piper!”

  1. Karen,
    Piper is adorable and am sure it is giving you lots of kisses. You have an amazing spirit and you continue to be in my prayers.

  2. Your attitude is surely an inspiration. Good luck with the new drug. Will keep you in my prayers that any side effects are minor. Sully and Sebastian are going to want to meet Piper ASAP!

  3. Hi Karen and Piper, just read her name. Sorry, honey, that the new trial wasn’t for you and hopefully what your Dr. prescribed will be a good thing. Your new little girl is adorable and I know she will be very happy by your side. You are loved and still prayed for on a regular basis. Stay in touch. Sydney was in 7th heaven with Tessa and Michele here to love her this week. Lots of belly scratching. Love, Nancy and family

  4. Your new baby is adorable and he will be so loved in your family. This is a lucky pup!
    I didn’t know that you weren’t selected for the new trial, it’s hard to say what is best. I hope you’re able to tolerate the new drug treatment well. Your spirit is amazing, I continue to keep you in my prayers. You are amazing 🙂

  5. A disappointment, I am sure, about the new drug not being available to you. However, your doctor continues to amaze me with her balancing of other drugs available.
    Your puppy is ADORABLE and I bet she loves to snuggle! Oh, those wet kisses must be the best!!!
    You remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I’m sorry it the treatment didn’t work out for you. I can hardly wait to meet Piper, she even looks
    like she is feisty. Finn is going to get a run for his money. I’ll be thinking of you today.

  7. Karen,
    We are so very disappointed with the study outcome…know we cannot even begin to imagine how it is for you not to be matched with the new drug. You have made a wise decision by adding Piper to your family. The licks and cuddling are definitely healing in a number of ways…we know that!
    Nancy & Ed

  8. Dear Karen,

    I too am disappointed for you about no getting the new drug, but I am sure your oncologist is doing the best thing for you. You are an amazing lady and happily you have amazing parents to back you up. Piper is adorable! I’d like to take you both in my arms.

    Carole Taylor, CCMI

  9. Hi! I am Patty Gerard and have been on chemo since 2008. I have been a member of your mom & dad’s church for over forty years. I went through confirmation class with your brother Jay. (I was one two seniors that were in the class.) My breast cancer returned in 2005 and went to stage IV in 2008. I was just taken off novelbine and only experienced one bad side effect which was the neuropathy which I have had since I first started chemo. Hopefully you too will not have many bad side effects. I have been trying a form of vitamin B 12 which is suppose to repair the sheaths around the nerves. I will keep you posted on how that goes. I am 75 years old and am so surprised and happy about all the new technology and the kind and loving support of friends and family that makes me a walking miracle. You are always in my prayers. Patty 😉

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