Navigating Navelbine

I’ve started my 3rd round of Navelbine and so far it’s not too bad. The first few weeks I had terrible pain in my ribs, but I think that was the lesions getting burned away. The fatigue is significant, but I’ve got lots of time to sleep so it’s not a big deal. The worst thing right now is the jaw pain, which only 5% of patients get. Lucky, lucky me. It’s not constant, which is good, but when it hits it brings me to my knees. I had my dentist take x-rays and make sure there were no problems with my teeth or jaws or anything. It’s all good, so this pain is just from the new chemo.

Navelbine is often used in cancer of the salivary glands, so I wonder if that is somehow connected to this jaw pain side effect. My cheeks and tongue also feel swollen. But my last set of scans show the cancer is stable, so I’m happy about that. Bone lesions are the same, but tumor markers are down a little. I’ve gotten several months off of chemotherapies in the past, so hopefully this one will work for awhile, too.

On to other things. . . we had a great Thanksgiving on Whidbey Island and the pups were so happy to get attention and time on the beach. We ate a lot of good food and I did a lot of sleeping. 


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