The Kadcyla 48

Now that TDM-1 has been FDA approved, it’s been named “Kadcyla.” I wonder how they come up with these names. No one knows how to pronounce it, so we’ve started calling it “Godzilla.” And sometimes it feels like a giant ape monster! After my third dose I’m figuring out side effects and such, which is great because it can help me with planning my days.

48 hours after infusion, Friday afternoon, I feel like I have been hit hard by the flu. My whole body hurts and I do not want to move. I get the chills and crawl into bed with a ton of blankets and then try to get the dogs to lay on me to get me even warmer. I feel queasy and food sounds awful. I can’t really sleep, buy I lay there and listen to the television because the idea of opening my eyes and watching seems like too much work. By Saturday night I’m sweaty and hot, laying on top of the bed and wishing the dogs would get off of me. By Sunday things are better, but I feel weak and tired and while foods sound good, by the time I get around to making/getting them they don’t sound good anymore. By Monday I will feel totally fine and get almost three weeks of “normal” before going back to infusion. 

Two days of yuck every 3 weeks is nothing. Easy peasy. And now at least I know and can plan for the weekends when I know I’m going to feel bad. Unfortunately, the next round I will be going to Palm Springs on the day I feel the worst. Traveling and airplanes. . . ugh, it’s going to suck. But at least I’ll get to spend some time in the sunshine and feel good the majority of the time that I’m there.

I’m looking forward to an pretty quiet week around here. I have two dogs staying, both are sweet and Piper loves playing with them. No big plans, so I’m going to rest and enjoy time with cute pups. Thank goodness for Amazon Fresh, which is delivering not only groceries but also gifts I needed for today and never felt good enough to go shop for. Home delivery is the best!

2 thoughts on “The Kadcyla 48”

  1. You can find the bright spot in everything, how wonderful is that. Have a great trip to Palm Springs.

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