Big Changes Ahead!

I’m looking forward to my trip to England next month and a trip to Hawaii in November. Life is good and I’m moving forward, I want to downsize and simplify my life as much as possible so I can spend my time enjoying trips, family, and friends. So I’ve decided to move out of my big beautiful home into something one-level and more manageable. I’ve found a lovely little rental house in Bellevue just a half-mile from my parent’s house. It has a giant backyard and I’ll be able to walk to lots of things. I’m really excited about this next phase!

The downside is that I need to find a new home for one or both of my cats. This new house is very small and since one cat beats up on the other, moving to a smaller space will make that worse. I also think it’s better to place the cats now, when I am able to play a role in finding them new homes, rather than leaving them behind for my parents to deal with.

So, anyone interested in a 13-year-old cat? Let’s meet them!

ImageElla is a very beautiful, petite calico female who loves everyone and everything. She has never met a cat she doesn’t want to be friends with or a dog she doesn’t want to groom. She has never had a health problem, has always used the litter box, and is just a sweetheart. She would love to live with someone who is home a lot or has other pets to keep her company. She does like to go in the backyard but is fine as an indoor-only cat.

Griffin is a fluffy, opinionated, sensitive orange tabby male, also 13-years-old. I got Griffin as a tiny foster kitten at 4 weeks old and he’s pretty attached. But in his old age he has become a bit of a bully to little Ella. Griffin doesn’t like change, he prefers routine and would probably be best as an only cat. He’s fine around dogs as long as they don’t try to eat him. His favorite thing is to curl up next to my pillow, purr, and suck his thumb. Yes, seriously. It’s adorable. Full disclosure– when Griffin is mad at me, he poops in my bathtub. Could be worse!

I have had both of these cats for 13 years now and it’s hard to imagine life without them. But I want to do what is best for them, and that is to find them great new homes. I would love for them to go to friends or someone I know so that I can stay in touch and know how they are doing.

Can anyone out there help me by providing a home for my furry babies? It would be such a kindness to me if someone could take them in and provide me with peace of mind that they will be loved even after I’m gone.

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