Go Gamma, Go!

My 6-week brain MRI follow-up was done last week and the news is all good. The lesion has already shrunk by about a third. Gamma radiation can work for up to six months, so the lesion may still continue to shrink. Small victories, I will take every one of them that comes my way.

Things seem to be moving fast and the time is flying by. I leave next week for our trip to England. After I get back, I’ll be moving to the Eastside to my new little rental home. I’m excited to be in my new place, but not excited about the actual moving part.

Ella has found a wonderful new home with Wendy and Glenn and their two male cats. She is being a bit of a diva and has not made nice with her new kitty friends yet. But I think with time they will all come to be buddies. I am sad not to have her here, but I know it is for the best.

Giving up Griffin will be even more difficult– for me because I am so attached to him, for him because he does not like change at all. I worry so much about what is going to happen to him if I can’t find him a good home. He can move to the new house with me, but that doesn’t really change things long-term. My biggest fear is that I will die and he’ll end up in a shelter. He’s terrible in cages and at the vet, so I think in a shelter environment he will just be scared and hiss, he’ll be even older. . . no one wants to adopt an angry 15-year-old cat. I really want to find a good situation for him now so that I won’t have to worry.

I have a PET/CT this Friday and an oncology appointment next Wednesday. I’ll find out then if I’ll be staying on TDM-1 or moving on to a new plan.

2 thoughts on “Go Gamma, Go!”

  1. Hi Karen,

    How much if a dose did they give you for gamma knife? I had 16Gy, which is pretty standard. Things can continue to shrink for up to 3 years, my docs told me, with the most changes usually occurring between 6mo-2yrs. I lost a patch of hair and had a awful increase in the headaches for about a month, but other than that the surgery itself was ok. I am living with radiation necrosis and managing it has definitely been challenging, but I don’t regret doing gamma knife in the slightest.

    Have an awesome trip to England! Deeply envious, I haven’t been able to fly since this journey started, although my team said that I can try now that the necrosis is stable.

    I’d take on your kitty in a heartbeat if my service dog wasn’t too inappropriately curious about cats. I think he’d be ok with a dog savvy cat but I’m not sure.

    Best, Jessica

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  2. Hi Jessica, I am a friend of Debbie Sokvitne’s and would also take Griffin if I could but I too will be moving next year and already have 2 cats. I had 3 at one point and after I lost my 2 orange boys (both at 16 within a year of each other) a couple of years ago, Girlfriend and I were just us girls. I have been boarding my cats at the Catspaw in S Everett for many years and the owner, Janelle, is quite wonderful. She always has kitties who need a home and works hard to find good ones for them. Anyway, Chester arrives at the Catspaw last year and his mom who has also been boarding him there for a few years says that he is old (15) and too much trouble so she is going to put him down. That won’t happen with Janelle on the job! So then, Janelle knowing that I have only 1 kitty keeps the pressure up and Chester (or Chester B as he is now known) has been living in a lap of luxury senior home (my house). He is now over 16 and still going strong. If you need a place to keep Griffin, short or long term, the Catspaw is the place. If your kittie stays there for over 15 days, you get a discount. Just thought that an option might be to board Griffin at the the Catspaw for a while and Janelle might be able to find him a home. The girls that work there love kitties too so any that stay there will be well taken care of and get lots of hands on attention. If you want more info let Debbie know and I can give you the details. All the best to you, Kathy

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