Our trip was fantastic, we crammed a lot into 10 days. We started in London where we toured the city, rode the Eye, went to the tower, and had a night at the theater and saw The Book of Mormon. It rained quite a bit, but what else would we expect?


Next we took the train to York. I wish that I could have seen more of the town, but I was down for a day or two. Thankfully, we were staying in the nicest hotel I’ve ever been to, so I slept the day away in a King-sized bed and had heated bathroom floors. Yay. The best part of York was when we hired a driver to drive us through the Moors.


We drove all the way to Whitbey, a small town on the Northern Sea. It was a gorgeous afternoon in a very pretty town.


After a few days we took the train back across the country to Bath. My dad was a very good sport as we attended the parade for the annual Jane Austen festival, visited the Jane Austen Center, and even dressed up in period clothing for a few photos. Sadly, there were no sightings of Mr. Darcy.


Before I knew it, were were back on our way to London on the train, then on the plane home. While I was gone, Tara was dogsitting for me and taking care of the little monsters. While there, she packed my WHOLE HOUSE for moving. So less than 48 hours after getting home, the moving vans arrived an I became an official Eastsider. More on that later…

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