Hawaiian Holiday



We had such a fun time on Maui. There were happy hours and mai tais and cabanas and palm trees. The resort was beautiful and we took advantage of the grounds and the pool. Eight days was not long enough, I’d like to go back RIGHT NOW. I’m so grateful to have had this time laughing and having fun with friends. We went on a sunset dinner cruise:



And to the Hyatt Luau:



And two different days we got cabanas on the beach, which were fabulous:



And now it’s back to regular life. The morning after I got back I had to go to chemo. The next day, I did all the preparation for my upcoming radiation. Later this week I’ll be starting a 3-4 week course of radiation treatments to my hip area, where I have been having pain for several months. I got my first four tattoos ever. . . little dots that will help them line up the machine each day. I’m hopeful that the rads will work and I’ll be able to stop taking painkillers every night. Another cancer adventure!

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian Holiday”

  1. Looks like a fabulous trip to one of my favorite places. How blessed you are with such a wonderful group of friends.

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