Radiation Rules!

I’ve been suffering through hip pain for several months now. I try not to complain too much, which I am learning is stupid– it just makes it so that no one takes your pain seriously. Despite that I knew it was bone mets and I know the kind of pain bone mets cause, I was told that “lots of people have hip pain as they get older” and “let’s try physical therapy.” So I sucked it up and went to PT, where after my assessment the therapist shrugged and said there was nothing she could do, exercise and stretching wouldn’t fix bone pain.

So finally, after many emails and calls to my oncologist’s PA, I got my films sent to Dr. Kim in radiation oncology for her to take a look. When I went for my first visit, she said she thought it was referred pain from two spots of cancer on my sacrum. She walked over to me, pressed a spot on my lower back, and BOOM THAT WAS THE PAIN. I almost jumped off the table.

So Dr. Kim, a total rockstar and the most compassionate, kind doctor I’ve ever met, mapped out a plan and started radiating two spots. Within the first 3 treatments, the pain was gone. It is completely gone! I can even walk up stairs without getting a single twinge. It’s amazing and wonderful and as thrilled as I am I can’t help but be a little annoyed that we didn’t get this done 6 months ago.

Radiation therapy is easy and not at all painful. But the process is tedious and you have to go every day, lay half-naked on a table, have them line everything up with the tattoos they give you during planning, get drawn on with markers every day, etc. My SCCA team was great, though, always cheerful and fun. They played my favorite Tom Petty songs and we all sang along as the machine buzzed and rotated around me. They picked a most appropriate song for me, too: “And you don’t know how it feels, to BE ME.” We all sang loud and off key to those last words.

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