Reaching Out

One of my best friends and biggest supporters is gong through the most terrible thing I can imagine– having to testify at the trial where her parent’s murderer will be sitting just yards from her. It’s taken more than 7 years to get this trial to finally happen. I am going with her so that she’ll have a friendly face to look at in the courtroom and she won’t be there all alone going through this trauma. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, last-minute travel is expensive. The prosecution pays for her ticket and they’ve put her on Southwest Airlines, so I can’t use my Alaska Air miles to get a free ticket. If you have Southwest Air miles just sitting around, even just a few, please think about gifting them to me. It’s easy to do through their website, just transfer them to me at

I’m not very good at asking for help, but here I am. I’ve got enough savings for a petsitter and a hotel, but it seems crazy to spend $800+ on a ticket to New Mexico. If I can scramble points together from friends, it would be a big help. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Reaching Out”

  1. Oh Karen, I wish I had some miles with SW to give to you. Your friend is so lucky to have a friend like you who is there for her. I hope you both will be strong for this ordeal.

  2. Shoot Karen…once we moved east we all but stopped using SW (you know I racked up some southwest miles going back and forth from CA to UNM back in the day :S). I hope other folks can come through!!! So terrific of you to be there for her….I can’t imagine what she’s gone through…..

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